About UFA

Henry Price

Up From Ashes Transit LLC was created by Henry Price during his time in incarceration in 2007. Price found it personally difficult not seeing his family and equally as heart wrenching to see other inmates going through the same challenge. Hopeful that his wife and small children would somehow find a way to visit, it became painfully unbearable as he witnessed the once weekly visits becoming more and more isolated over the course of seven years. Eventually the distance, the 15-minute phone calls, and the intermittent letters took its toll on his marriage and the relationships with his sons.

UFA Transit’s mission is to create a safe, reliable, and affordable service to help keep families connected and intact through one of our most basic human needs – contact. Studies prove time and time again that visitations help to lower the rate of recidivism. And that’s exactly what UFA aims to do – lower the rate of recidivism through constant familial contact.

In addition to the familial connection, having hopes, goals, and dreams to look forward to also help to keep recidivism at bay. While Price wasn’t fortunate enough to experience the hopefulness of returning to his once connected family, he redirected his efforts towards the hopes and goals of UFA. Moving to Denver in 2012, he decided to pursue the passion that continued to burn within – to connect families affected by incarceration. After meeting the folks at the Rocky Mountain Micro Finance Institute, he is finally able to begin this important work. It’s been a two-year process of disappointments and setbacks, but he is now able to see the fruits of his labor – continue to lower the rate of recidivism by providing a valuable community service of family connection.

PUC #01688